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Major USA food producers (McDonald, Frito-Lays, and Nabisco) are replacing Trans fats by low/zero TFA alternatives.

Shri Niranjan Lal Data shaped the Data Group of Industries with a turnover of 600 crores through his simplicity and hard work. Like a great entrepreneur he believes that the society is best served through useful and quality products. And the picture that emerges is not just of a vertically integrated group but a well diversified group with a powerful synergy. His futuristic vision since inception has been that the Indian economy is undergoing a transformation and is sparing no efforts to adopt new technologies to bring about far reaching growth and diversification. Long term planning and seeing the market well ahead are the corner stones to the Group's success in this globally competitive economy. His enigmatic leadership and infectious workaholics is compelling impetus for all the members of the Data Group.

We define our growth by practice
The Group takes in exceptional fully integrated oil seed process complexes with strategic cost and quality efficiency to gain better market control The Group members are:
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