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Free Fatty Acid (as palmitic) (AOCS Ca 5a-40)

S- 11,0.15% max
S- 12,0.15% max
S- 13,0.15% max
S-14,0.15% max

Major USA food producers (McDonald, Frito-Lays, and Nabisco) are replacing Trans fats by low/zero TFA alternatives.

Shortening is specially texturized to impart good plasticity and ease of use at ambient temperature. It is specially formulated to ensure good leavening and tenderizing effect in dough product. This gives the shortening exceptional ability to blend with other ingredients.  Our Shortening provides good texture and shortening effect for biscuits and cookies. It is white in appearance and bland in taste.

Shortening is designed for use in production of breads, biscuits, cookies, pastries, wafers, cream fillings, and many other bakery products.

S- 11

S- 12

S- 13


Free Fatty Acid (as palmitic) (AOCS Ca 5a-40) 0.15% max 0.15% max 0.15% max 0.15% max
Moisture & Impurities (AOCS Ca 2c-25) 0.1% max 0.1% max 0.1% max 0.1% max
Slip Melting Point (AOCS Cc 3-25) 36-39 Deg. C 39-41 Deg. C 41-45 Deg. C 45-50 Deg. C
Saponification Value (AOCS C d 3-25) 190 - 205 190 - 205 190 - 205 190 - 205
Colour (Lovibond 5” cell) R = 3 Y = 30max R = 3 max Y = 30 max R = 3 max Y = 30 max R = 3 max Y =30max
Odour/ Taste Bland Bland Bland  
Appearance White White White  

S-11 and S-12 are suitable for Indian markets since as per the prevailing laws in India, melting point up to 41 deg C is permissible.

Shortening is moulded into heat sealed polyethylene bags and packed in cartons of 15 kg.

It is essential to store shortening in the original packing in a cool and dry place, preferably not above 20 Deg. C and with 60% relative humidity maximum. It should not be exposed to bright daylight and must be stored away from odoriferous materials.

A 20 ft. container can load 1440 cartons of 15 kg. each.